SBLC / BG Leasing



Working with major banks, we can arrange for the issuance of Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) or Bank Guarantee (BG) in the Borrowers own name, in face amounts ranging from $1 million to $10 Billion Dollars, or Euros, under the terms and conditions listed below.

The SBLC / BG so issued in the name of the Borrower for period 30, 60, 90 days or one year and one day. Extensions or renewals of the validity period of the SBLC / BG will be available against the payment of an additional fee. Said additional renewal or extension fee, will not be in excess of the origination fee.
We offer very flexible terms for payment of the fees and can usually issue the required instrument with only a partial payment and then arrange favorable terms for payment of the remaining balance over time. Lender is inside the US and in person closings are welcomed.

The SBLC / BG can be delivered on a Bank-to-Bank basis, via SWIFT, with or without a Pre-Advice by the issuing bank directly to the Borrowers bank, in the standard manner of “good delivery”, or hard copy only delivery via bonded courier. SBLC / BG can also be posted to DTC and Euroclear. The cost and payment terms to provide the SBLC / BG will be negotiated after evaluating the Borrowers specific requirements and terms.

Fees can be paid via conditional SWIFT MT 700, MT 103, ICBPO or Escrow. All transactions will require that some small percentage of the fee be held in a 3rd party escrow. There are absolutely no exceptions ever.

Borrowers funds must be escrowed with a Lender-approved escrow firm here in the United States.Borrower will be provided with all necessary information and ample opportunity for proper due diligence after we have received his documents and requirements.

To initiate a transaction, the following must be submitted to our company:

  •  Borrowers Application
  •  Proof of Funds
  •  Summary of the transaction
  •  Corporate resolution
  •  Copy of the identification page of the signatory’s passport.

As additional information, we must be provided with:

  •  Borrowers bank name
  •  Bank Address
  •  ABA and SWIFT codes,
  •  Account name and number,
  •  Bank officer’s name, and his complete contact information.

We need these in order to have our bank send the SWIFT confirmation of this SBLC / BG to the Borrowers bank.

Upon receipt of the above, a Financial Services and Escrow Agreement will be submitted for review and execution by the Borrower, Lender and the Lender approved escrow firm. All Borrowers funds must be held in escrow prior to the delivery of this SBLC / BG.

Following the execution of the Financial Services and Escrow Agreement by all parties, the origination fee must be wire transferred by the Borrower to the banking coordinates of the escrow account specified in the Financial Services and Escrow Agreement.
Prior to being provided with the text of the Financial Services and Escrow Agreement, the client will be required to provide a bank statement of recent date, or letter confirming the availability of funds to cover the origination fee. This does not commit the client, but merely confirms his ability to proceed should he decide to do so.

Our company does not guarantee that the use of the SBLC / BG will result in the benefits resulting from its use anticipated by the client.

The issuing bank will not engage in the process of creating the SBLC / BG, without notice from the escrow firm that the origination fee is being held in escrow pending the issuance of the SBLC / BG. Therefore, we cannot provide these services and cause the issuance of the SBLC / BG as a precondition for the payment of the origination fee.